How do I build the "Security Rising" pages ?

A personal CMS based on Microsoft Access

Why not Wordpress ?

Or "Joomla", or whatever.
There are a lot of already existing and popular CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc...
But they're complicated beasts (I do happen to write extensions - or plugins - for Wordpress and Joomla), so it's far more convenient and agile, for a developer like me, to use a custom and far more open, performant and powerful CMS, built by hand.

Using Microsoft Access as the editing interface

Microsoft Access is a Windows Desktop application, which means an unparallelled user interface compared to the web based ones. The Access application (developed on V1 in two days), allows for a very fast and comfortable modify-publish content lifecycle.

An image being better than words, here's a (old) peek to the user interface: Interface Access

Statistical CERT bulletins analysis tool

The statistical CERT bulletins analysis tool is also developed with Office desktop apps like Access and Excel. The tool is a quite huge automation system mainly written in Access VBA.